5 Deadly Web Designer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Web design is a process that involves creating electronic pages and arranging them in a way that becomes useful for its viewers. However, there are some common mistakes that even the best can make. Identify them and avoid them at all costs to provide a quality output.

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Flooding of Images and Animations

Yes, human beings are visual in nature, but keep them to a minimum. Visitors don’t want to drown in a sea of multimedia. Use relevant images supporting the text.

Where’s the Contact Information?

If the website is supposed to promote the products or services of a company, then how do interested visitors get access to them? Don’t forget to add a “Contact Us” web page so that people can easily make their inquiries.

Complicated Page Layout

We don’t want to get our visitors lost in a website that is too complicated for them to use. Chances are they’ll hit that X button right away. Keep it user-friendly and simple.

Welcome to Our Page

Visitors will find this quite amateur. Users are already on your website. Disregard this immediately.


Using all caps is a big no no. It has a negative effect. If you want to emphasize a point then do it with style by changing up your content. You can also do this steps on getting views on youtube.

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media


Creating a graphic design that stands out in a stockpile. What does a graphic design for social media possess to turn out appealing to online guests? Should you even spend time and effort in making one?

Every corner of your social media page matters. Visual content is the most powerful tool to use so make sure that your graphic design is compelling to look at. Discover a few graphic design tips that will give increase brand recognition.

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Resourceful Place For Designers


Today knowing how to design is now really useful, since everything happens online. Whether it is for a design you will post on Facebook, or to modify a Instagram imagine, or to work for someone as a freelance from all over the world or to start your own branding, having some design skills can always come super handy.

That being said, you should know that designers do not invent or design everything, most of them use already designed stuff on multiple websites and they use those graphic elements to make their designs better and more efficiently.

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5 Illustration Tips for Marketing Your Brand


The first thing your visitors will notice when they check your website is your illustrations. Therefore, use your web graphics to create a positive impression among your targets. Choose your illustrations well as they could either attract or repel your prospects.  Don’t miss out the opportunity to appeal your targets so check out these tips:

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Top Traits of an Effective Web Design Expert

Web Design

Nowadays, offline shopping is almost a thing of the past. With this fast-paced world, almost every consumer out there wants to access goods, services and information as fast as they can, whenever, wherever.

If you want to keep your business at par with this dynamic, ever-changing world, you need to put your brand where your target consumers are; on the worldwide web, no less.

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How to Make Your Website Effective

Website Effective

Whether you are promoting a brand, an idea, an event or you just want to share or express your ideas through a web or blog site, you would need a web design for you to effectively convey your message. For entrepreneurs and businesses, a website is one of the ways in which they can increase their prospect’s brand awareness and ultimately convert traffic to actual sales.

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